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Frequently Asked Questions


How hot is my hot sauce going to be, exactly? I don't want to burn the roof of my mouth off!

Good question! We sell sauces in a range of heat levels that roughly correspond to the Scoville scale, which is the industry standard for measuring how how hot fiery foods really are. As you can see from our web store, we use numerical codes in ascending order, meaning that "1" is mild, "3" is medium, "7" is quite spicy and... well, you get the drift. If you aren't sure, just drop us a line, or give us a call, and we'll sort it out.

I'm interested in buying products wholesale. Is this something your company does?

Absolutely, we tailor our product and shipping schedule to meet the needs of every customer, and if you want a larger batch, we can do that too.

I'm looking for something out of the ordinary for Christmas / Hannukah / Kwanzaa / The Zombie Apocalypse. Can you recommend a gift idea that will thrill and inspire?

Very much so. One of the cool things we offer is our Hot Sauce of the Month package, which allows recipients to try a variety of products each month. It's a flexible program that mixes product with individual tastes, and it's easy to order. We take care of the shipping every month, so once you've ordered, you can just sit by the phone waiting for your friend to exclaim how much he or she loved the gift.


Generally, any shipping and handling information can be found here, but invariably, you may have questions like...

I didn't receive my hot sauce order. Where is it?

Clean up on aisle five! If your order has yet to arrive, email us or call to ensure there hasn't been a processing issue with payment or with our online interface. Rest assured, we will get to the bottom of your missing sauce!

I love [insert name of excellent hot sauce or fiery food] and want it shipped to a friend's house as a gift. Can you do that?

Oh, most definitely. In fact, if you provide us with a signed birthday card in the post, we can include that too!


Your website has missing information / errors / spelling mistakes / inaccurate information.

That simply won't do. Drop us an email at info@flammableliquids.ca telling us what the issue is and we'll fix it right away.

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